2019 UnderUsed Tour Circuit

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2019 UnderUsed Tour Circuit

As the year rolls to a close, it is time to announce our official 2019 circuit! We are still maintaining the same basic structure organized by season, followed by an end-of-year championships for the top performers in the circuit. However, we are making a couple of changes for the 2019 season:
  • Introducing the UnderUsed Masters! In 2019, UU will be starting the year off with SM UU Masters, the winter counterpart to UU Open. Like UU Open, UU Masters will be a large single elimination tournament to showcase the very best of the best.
  • UnderUsed Classic moved to Summer. To accommodate this new tournament, we are moving UnderUsed Classic to July, so that it will run concurrently with the later rounds of UU Open.

As was discussed in this thread, the winner of our 2019 UU Championships gets an additional prize: they will receive a ribbon
on their badgeset!

The official 2019 tour circuit will be kicked off on January 1 with the first ever SM UU Masters. Good luck to all participants!


  • WINTER: UnderUsed Masters I (January)
  • SPRING: UnderUsed Ladder Tournament (April)
  • SUMMER: Smogon Grand Slam VIII - UnderUsed Open (June), UnderUsed Classic III (July)
  • FALL: UnderUsed Majors IV (October)
  • YEAR END: UnderUsed Championships III (December)
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